Cheap Flights from Glasgow to Amsterdam

Cheap flights Glasgow to Amsterdam

Glasgow, in Scotland's central belt, is an excellent base for onward travel to many European destinations. Travellers can fly directly from Glasgow Airport to Amsterdam in under two hours. It's worth researching the various options and booking as far in advance as possible to take advantage of cheap flights from Glasgow to Amsterdam.

Easyjet (www.easyjet.com) offers flights from £21.99 from Glasgow to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. Flights leave once a day, six days a week. As with most airlines, fares tend to be more expensive for flights at weekends and during school and peak holidays. Booking midweek flights out of season should secure the cheapest price.

Remember to factor in the cost of taking luggage on board. Easyjet charge £18 per case and impose a weight limit of 20 kilos. The airline also has size and weight restrictions on hand luggage. It's usually cheaper to pre-book luggage in advance online than to pay at the airport.

Easyjet also offers travel insurance from £9.53 per adult and recommends a range of accommodation in Amsterdam.

KLM (www.klm.com) is the national airline of the Netherlands. It runs a scheduled service from Glasgow to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Flights leave several times a day. Prices in November 2011 cost from £46 if you book in advance and travel midweek. KLM allows passengers one item of free baggage up to 23 kilos in weight.

Remember that most cheap flights from Glasgow to Amsterdam will be non-refundable if you change your travel plans.




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