No cheap flights from Stansted London to Cork? Time to consider your options!

Did you know that Cork Airport is the second busiest airport in Ireland? Despite all the talk about Shannon airport, the 'People's Republic' own aerodrome dwarfs it, at least in terms of passenger numbers. And at Cork airport, the second busiest route is Stansted London, weighing in at well over 200,000 passengers per year. And despite all this, if you're looking for cheap flights from Stansted London to Cork airport you have a total of one option: Ryanair (www.ryanair.com). In fact, that's your only option, even if you're not looking for a cheap flight. Ryanair lifts all two hundred thousand passengers between these two routes!

The combination of these two factors (high volume and low airline options) means that it can be quite difficult to get cheap flights from Stansted London to Cork. Booking far in advance helps a little, as does keeping an eye out for Ryanair's frequent special offers and deals. But doing either of these is a luxury afforded only to the highly prepared or super-flexible traveler. If you cannot avail of either of these options fares then Ryanair can charge prices of up to €200 each way. If this happens to you it may be worth while to pay the price of getting to Gatwick or Heathrow where Aer Lingus and Ryanair compete and prices are typically less than in Stansted. Another option is to fly to to Shannon Airport from Stansted and get the bus down to Cork from there. Ryanair also owns this route but the regular fare is a much more reasonable €100, and bus fare should be under €25. Given that that's €75 in savings for a two hour bus ride, you can see how it pays to shop around a bit, even between two different routes of the same airline!

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