Get Cheap Flights from London to Paphos with EasyJet!

If you have been looking for cheap flights from London to Paphos then look no further. EasyJet fly direct from London Gatwick to Paphos in Cyprus meaning you can get to your destination with the minimum of fuss.

Paphos is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Cyprus. When under the control of the Roman it was the capital but these days it serves as more of a relaxing getaway for tourists. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite is said to have emerged from the sea in Paphos adding a mystical side to the towns aesthethic charm.

There is much to see and admire in and around Paphos with rural architecture on show. The gorgeous coastline will mesmerise you and leave you wanting more. The area is well developed to accomodate tourists but not to the detriment of the local atmosphere on offer. The harbour, once a major port before the British came along, is the towns premier attraction.

EasyJet do not run cheap flights from London to Paphos all year round however and to ensure you get the best deal possible then timing is everything. June to October are definitely the most pleasant months to visit with temperatures between 20°C and 30°C. November, March and April are also pleasant times to visit.

September will cost you in the region of £75 one-way per person and this is the most expensive month to fly and this is a great indicator of exactly how cheap flights on this route can be. April and May are the next best value months and one-way tickets cost around £64 each during late spring and early summer.

The summer months are also great great value with EasyJet offering one-way tickets for just £50 then it won't hurt your wallet. Late Autumn and early winter are also cheap with one-way flights costing around £38 in October and £32 one-way in November.

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