How to Find Cheap Flights from London to Dublin

Going away for the weekend to Dublin is a popular option for many people in Britain, which is why many search for cheap flights from London to Dublin. There are many companies to look for and many websites to go through to find the best and most affordable deals.

Cheapflights.co.uk is one company that offers to do all of the hard work for you by searching through all the different companies and offer you the great deals available. You could fly from Gatwick Airport to Dublin for as little as £58 return, when you book your flights to leave on the 28 September 2011 and return on the 5th October 2011. This is flying with Aer Lingus.

Skyscanner.com is another company that does the hard work for you, finding cheap flights from London to Dublin, or anywhere else that you want to travel. You could travel for as little as £19 by flying on Ryanair on the 3rd October 2011. However, these are one way flights only and you will need to search for your flights back. Luckily, the flight does that for you and you can fly back on the 8th October 2011 for as little as £18.

If you’re interested in last minute flights then you should consider checking lastminute.co.uk. This website gives you all of the great deals available and can also help you find accommodation at the last minute for a great rate too. Travelling 26th August 2011 and returning on the 2nd September 2011 will cost £179 return, including all taxes and fees.

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