See Cyprus on a budget with cheap flights from Edinburgh to Paphos

Cheap flights from Edinburgh to Paphos

After flyglobespan went out of business a couple of years ago, Scottish travellers had to wait a while for another airline to offer cheap flights from Edinburgh to Paphos. Now it's possible to book flights all the way to Cyprus without hammering the credit card.

EasyJet now provides direct flights from Edinburgh to Paphos, with outward fares starting at £36.99 and return flights starting from £42.99. These fares include taxes, but there are additional charges for luggage and credit card bookings. Even when these are included, it can still be possible to find round trip flights for under £100.

Note that when searching for flights on the website, EasyJet list the route as Edinburgh to Cyprus (Paphos), so don't give up if you have been searching under 'P'.

Flights depart Edinburgh at 11.10 in the morning, arriving in Cyprus in the early evening in time for dinner. The return flights depart Paphos at 7.05pm giving a whole day on the island at the end of your holiday.

Thomson (thomson.co.uk) have charter flights from Edinburgh to Paphos in summer. These are mostly used as part of flight and accommodation packages, but it is possible to arrange flight only deals. Key in your dates on the website to see if their prices will suit your budget.

For details on the classical ruins and the beaches of Paphos, check the tourist information website at visitpafos.org.cy. The news pages on the site can also offer any updates on weather or anticipated strike action that could affect the timings of your cheap flights from Edinburgh to Paphos.

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