How to find cheap flights from Edinburgh to Dalaman

The travel options between Edinburgh and Dalaman can be expensive, and are quite irregular, but here we have charted the best ways to save money, and the best ways to book your journey.

Direct Flight Options

There are two companies offering cheap direct flights from Edinburgh to Dalaman, but neither of them offer very regular trips. From 22nd September 2011, Thomas Cook Airlines (flythomascook.com) will offer a four and a half hour flight, while Thomson Airlines (thomson.co.uk) will offer an Edinburgh to Dalaman flight from the middle of October.

The Thomas Cook flights are generally on a Thursday (both outbound and return), but at various times they add additional flights through the week at an unpredictable rate.

The search function at flythomascook.com is not very easy to navigate, since it doesn't allow you to search with any variation on your selected dates, so it is best to access a comparison website like skyscanner.net to check any possible flight dates. Thomson, meanwhile, usually operate their flights on Mondays.

Ticket Prices

As you would expect for an irregular flight pattern, the ticket prices are not always cheap for flights from Edinburgh to Dalaman.

It's possible to find tickets for £125 one way and £250 return at various times of the year, but you're equally likely to find yourself paying £330 and £660 for one way and return trips respectively.

Once again, it's a good idea to check a comparison site to ascertain the best dates to travel in terms of cost. After this, you're likely to save a little money if you go back to the airline's homepage and enter the dates you've found on the price comparison website.


Alternatively, if it's possible for you to travel to Glasgow Airport, Thomas Cook operate a service from here which is slightly more regular, and thus slightly cheaper. If you take this option, you could find yourself saving at least £90, with the cheapest return tickets being £160 - more than enough to justify the extra travel costs of going to Glasgow, especially if you have a car.

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