Looking for cheap flights from Cork to Moscow (DME)?

Taking a look online for cheap flights from Cork to Moscow (DME) is easier than you think. There's still loads of availability left for this less sought after destination, so more chance of getting a great deal.

While looking around online the price varies depending on what date you would like to head off, how long a holiday you would like to take etc. But after some browsing, it's obvious the cheapest deal at the moment is to be found on the ebookers website - Irelands leading online travel agent. For a week's holiday, beginning Wednesday 24th August to the 31st, the price comes in at €333 - not bad for a 5 and a half hour flight. This price also includes a light lunch, and 20kg baggage. Unfortunately it also includes a stopover as well, in Heathrow on the departure (for 1 hour 45 mins) flying with BMI before and after the stopover. On the return there is quite a lengthy stopover in Frankfurt, Germany - for almost 8 hours flying with Lufthansa.

Although this may not be for some people, after looking around various websites and companies - including KLM Royal Dutch, Rossiya Airlines, Air France and even with multiple airlines in the one booking, the minimum stopover are all similar give or take an hour - even the more extravagant priced.

Obviously other dates might work out slightly cheaper depending if you want a very last minute deal, or are planning a little farther ahead, but check out www.ebookers.ie and grab yourself a bargain!

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