On a budget? Get your cheap flights from Edinburgh to Greece one way

Stuck on where to find cheap flights from Edinburgh to Greece one way? We have the answers here for you! We have managed to come up with a couple of great airlines that offer economic flights between these two locations.

To start off, we suggest you log onto the website of EasyJet. This is one of Irelands low-cost airlines and these guys offer several cheap flights from Edinburgh to Greece one way. The only catch is that you have to wait until 20 September 2011 to book these flights. Airfares from Edinburgh to Athens in September start from £61 one-way and October from £37 one-way.

Thomson Flights also fly from Edinburgh to Greece for low prices, but, similarly to EasyJet, you will only find flights from September onwards. They offer airfares from Edinburgh to Corfu starting from £170 one-way.

Another airline worth checking out is the Dutch company KLM. They, too, cover the Edinburgh-Greece flight path, however the airfare savings are not as attractive. In June, you can find flights from Edinburgh to Athens from around £190.

Please remember that the airfares quoted in this article are subject to change, depending on availability. To maximise your chances of getting the best deals on cheap flights from Edinburgh to Greece, one way, we recommend that you book your airfares as far in advance as possible. Flexibility with your travel dates also helps the cause!

All these flights can be booked directly online, using your credit card, and tickets can be printed immediately.

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