Find cheap flights from Edinburgh to Gatwick

Use a flight search engine to search for and book cheap flights from Edinburgh to Gatwick London. Choose your dates and time of flight and choose from a range of options returned for the best deals and cheapest prices on domestic flights.

When searching for cheap flights between Edinburgh and Gatwick London, using a site like Skyscanner.net makes finding the best deals on flights a lot easier. Skyscanner allows you to search by specific date, by whole month, or by whole year. It pays to be flexible when trying to find the cheapest option for lights between Edinburgh and London Gatwick. Easyjet currently offer daily cheap flights from Edinburgh to Gatwick. For example, a flight in Novermber, leaving on the 18th and returning on the 26th is only £55 for a return ticket. The most expensive option on an Edinburgh to Gatwick flight in November is only £67.

It pays to be flexible when searching for the best deals on flights. When flying into London from any destination it is always checking out the other three airports that are linked to the city to see if there is a cheaper or more suitable flight, say, one that lands at a more acceptable time of day.

Changing your arrival airport to Stanstead, for example brings the price down to only £48 return during november and prices remain quite similar throughout the year. Again, easyjet.com is the only UK budget airline to offer cheap flights between Edinburgh and both Stansted and Gatwick airports.

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