Options on cheap flights from Bristol to Dalaman, Turkey.

If you’re a sun seeker in the Bristol area refusing to give up on summer, you may well be looking at cheap flights from Bristol to Dalaman, the popular Turkish hot spot. Located on Turkey’s Mediterranean shoreline, it’s nicknamed, the ‘Turquoise Coast’ and offers white sandy beaches, historical sites and stunning countryside.

You can fly direct from Bristol to this picture postcard destination with Easy Jet (www.holidays.easyjet.com) or Flythomascook (www.flythomascook.com). Easy Jet currently has flights on Mondays and Thursdays and Thomas Cook on Mondays and Saturdays.

We searched the above airlines’ websites for return flights in early October and the best deal we found was with Easy Jet flying out on the 10th of October and returning on the 20th. Prices start from £207.98 including taxes and charges, but excluding hold luggage and card booking fee.

A similar flight with Thomas Cook, departing on the 8th of October and returning on the 15th, came in at £244.98. Both companies offer extremely cheap outbound flights from Bristol to Dalaman, at £62.99 and £61.99 respectively, but the return journey costs more than double. Nonetheless, these are still good overall cheap return flight prices for a flight time of six hours.

You can also use a price comparison website such as cheapflights.co.uk, farecompare.com or skyscanner.net to find the best deal on the days you’re travelling.

Cheapflights.co.uk are offering extremely cheap flights from Bristol to Dalaman. A return flight departing on the 25th of March 2012 and returning on the 1st of April costs just £100.09. This phone only deal is with Flight Heroes however and is arguably not the safest option.

Whoever you choose to fly with, before booking, remember to check out the flight plus accommodation deals with Easy Jet and Thomas Cook. They may save you money!

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