How to Find Cheap Flights and Accommodation

Saving money with cheap flights and accommodation gives you extra money to spend on sight-seeing and other activities during your vacation. After all, the main purpose your hotel serves is for you to sleep; just find one that has a general cleanliness and comfortable beds for cheap. And most airplane seats, with the exception of first class seats, are all the same; fly economy.

The first step to discovering cheap flights and accommodation for your vacation travel is to decide when you want to go on vacation and where you want to go on vacation to.

Keep in mind that airfare prices and hotel lodging will be much cheaper during non-travel seasons such as Autumn or early Spring. Winter travel dates that are not near Christmas time will also be a cheaper. Moreover, understand that airfare prices for the weekend will be much pricier than weekday tickets. Fly Monday through Thursday if you can. Be flexible with your dates during airfare and hotel searches as well.

Start searching for cheap flights and accommodation as early as you can. A general rule of thumb for travel prices is that the earlier you purchase, typically the cheaper travel expenses will be.

Also, do airfare cost comparisons between 10 or more travel websites in the UK. This way you will know for sure that you have found one of the cheaper airfares.

For lodging, go budget. Many hostels throughout the UK, Europe or anywhere else are clean and safe; it is just that amenities are very basic. If you want to purchase cheap flights and accommodation together, remember to search by the lowest price; most travel websites will connect you with a budget hotel or hostel.

Have a look at some of the cheap flights and accommodation packages writtten below. Notice the weekday travel dates and also that the travel dates are during low air traffic times.

At Expedia UK, the cheapest flight and accommodation package from London to Paris and back for the dates of 20.10.2011 to 26.10.2011 is listed at €209. The flight departs on a Thursday and leaves on a Wednesday, two weekdays; moreover, the flight is during a low air-traffic time, mid-late October. Lastly, the stay is at the Premiere Classe Roissy Villepinte Parc des Expositions, a budget hotel in Paris.

At Hotwire, the cheapest flight and accommodation package from London to Dublin and back for the dates of 10.11.2011 to 15.11.2011 is listed at €123. The stay is at the Isaacs Hotel, a budget hostel in Dublin. Moreover, the flight departs on a Tuesday and returns on a Tuesday; it is also during a low air-traffic period, mid-November.

The key to finding cheap flights and accommodation is to search early, be flexible with dates, fly during low traffic times and go budget on everything possible. Good luck with your searches!

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