Looking for a cheap flight to Dubai from London?

With brash skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa, stunning holiday resorts, and guaranteed year round sun, Dubai is an increasingly popular holiday destination. And as the financial hub of the Middle-East, it is a pivotal location from which to conduct business. So whatever your reason for visiting the popular beach city, here are some ways to book your cheap flight to Dubai from London.

Dubai's national airline, Emirates, flies to the city from two of London's biggest and busiest airports - Heathrow and Gatwick. Flights from Gatwick tend to be cheaper, with an economy return tickets coming in at around £468 per person. Flights from both airports last 6 hours and 50 minutes, around the same amount of time it takes to get to Boston from London. While on board, Emirates will provide you with free food and, where laws permit then to do so, drink. Emirates also provide world-class in flight entertainment as well as high levels of hospitality. The airline won the Airline of the Year award in 2011, so passengers know they will be looked after. For more information about flying on this route, please check the Emirates website or speak to an experienced travel agent.

British Airways is another sound option for flying between these two cities. BA flights depart twice a day from Heathrow, and prices start from £511 per person for a return flight in World Traveller class. Tickets can be upgraded to World Traveller Plus for around £500, a good option for those who wish to have more leg room and more comfortable seats.

Other airlines that can take you from Heathrow to Dubai include Virgin Atlantic, Royal Brunei and Biman Bangladesh. Virgin and Royal Brunei in particular can offer competitive rates starting from as little as £443 per person. A further option for getting to Dubai is to fly with Etihad into Abu Dhabi, and then obtain cheap transfers from that city to Dubai.

So if you need a cheap direct flight from London to Dubai, make sure you look around for the best deals. It also helps to book as far in advance as possible for bargain prices, while cheap deals may also be available if you book last minute.

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