Looking for a cheap flight to Alicante?

Cheap flight to Alicante

Alicante is in the south of Spain, and is one of the major airports along the south coast. There are a number of flights available from all over the UK, and it is a very quick and easy airport to fly into.

Finding a cheap flight to Alicante can be dependent on a number of factors, including the time of year (out of holiday season will be cheaper) and flight carrier used.

There are more than 10 UK airports that fly into Alicante and looking through all of the flight times and details can be time consuming and confusing. This is where flight comparison sites beocome very useful.

You can either choose to search by airport location or solely on price, and the best flights for you are usually determined by these two factors. If the cheapest price flight leaves from London, but you live in Manchester, it would not make sense to travel all the way to London to catch the cheaper flight!

If you search on Cheap Flights (cheapflights.co.uk), you can select by location and price. You can get a return flight in December for just £80 return from East Midlands Airport (Nottingham). If you are looking for flights in October, you can find a return flight from London Gatwick to Alicante for just £58.

Another place that you can search for a cheap flight to Alicante is with Flight Line (flightline.co.uk). Here you can find a return flight from Manchester to Alicante in October for just £95. This is flying with Ryan Air.

You can also fly from London Luton airport to Alicante for just £89 in October. This is with Monarch Airlines.

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