Cheap flight deals: it's never been cheaper or easier to jet away.

If you’re on line right now and thinking you’d like to take a long haul flight to warmer climes but can’t really afford it, you’re still in time to take advantage of worldwide flight offers from lastminute.com With fares from just £289, it's never been cheaper or easier to jet away from the cold and into the sun of the southern hemisphere.

Great deals include flights from London Heathrow to Cairo with bmi for £289 with departure dates from now until the 15th of June 2011 and to Nairobi from £371 with Kenya Airways until the 30th of June. Or take a pre-Easter trip to Dubai from Gatwick until the 15th of April for £395 with Emirates. Not only can you escape the winter weather but also visit the Pyramids, go on safari or stay in opulence and shop in luxury.

Alternatively if you prefer to go further afield or have friends or family in Australia, there are flights from Heathrow to Mumbai (£422) Beijing and Bangkok (£449) Johannesburg (£509) and Melbourne and Sydney for £699 and £749 respectively.

The above flights are all for departures up to April or June, depend on availability and are based on weekday travel. Weekend flights are available but you will be charged a supplement. Some but not all of the flights have a six or seven day apex, that is must be booked no later than six or seven days prior to departure.

Remember you have today and tomorrow to book these special deals so don’t delay!

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