Top cheap Fiji holidays from Australia

Dreaming of a tropical getaway while your in Australia? Use these tips to help find a good deal on cheap Fiji holidays from Australia...

  • If you're travelling during peak time, book early. The price of Fiji holiday packages will increase as availability decreases - so it's best to get in as early as possible.
  • If you're travelling during low season, look out for last minute bargains. You won't always get your first choice but you will get good value.
  • Be flexible with dates. You'll often get a better deal on Fiji holiday packages departing on Sunday and Thursdays. This is because there is less demand for flights and holidays.
  • Be flexible with destinations. Some Fiji islands offer much better value for money than others.
  • Make sure you understand what's included in the package. Some packages include all meals, transfers and excursions, while others only include flights and accommodation. That doesn't automatically mean that they are bad value - just make sure you compare like-with-like.
  • Shop around. As with all holiday packages, the best way to find a bargain is to shop round. Compare prices from at least three different travel agents.
  • The best deals are usually found online. If you deal with a travel agent online or over the phone, there is often a commission built into the price.
  • Price the holiday separately as well. Don't pay for a package until you've worked out how much the flights, accommodation and other costs would be if you booked them separately.

Have a great holiday!

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