How to Find Cheap Ferry Travel to France

Cheap ferry travel to France is a far more affordable option than the Channel Tunnel, particularly if you want to take your car for a road trip to the continent. With dozens of connections and many companies offering a wide range of options, you should have no difficultly booking a cheap trip.

The most popular ferry route is Dover to Calais and thanks to the large number of ferry companies, prices are also competitive and options are abundant. Price comparison sites for cheap ferry travel to France are one of the best resources to use to find a bargain.

Ferrysavers.com allows you to search through all of the available options for many different routes, making it far more convenient than going to multiple ferry company websites. P&O Ferries, for example, operates one-way tickets for £30 and return tickets for £50, both of which you can find more about at this site. All prices quoted include taxes and any other mandatory charges. These prices also assume that you are taking an average-sized car with you.

France-ferries.com also offers some very reasonable deals including £25 for a one-way ticket with Sea France or special return tickets for the same price for regular travellers. These prices include a car with up to five people, making it a very cheap break if you are travelling with a larger group.

Other ferry routes to France tend to be a little more expensive, but there are also many other options connecting cities around the UK.

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