Need to book a cheap ferry to the Isle of Wight?

There are plenty of options for getting to the Isle of Wight by ferry nowadays, with boats leaving from ports such as Southampton, Portsmouth and Lymington. Arrival ports on the island itself include Yarmouth, Cowes and Ryde, offering great coverage of the Isle of Wight's northern coast. Here are some options for a cheap ferry to the Isle of Wight.

Red Funnel are one of the oldest operators offering links between the Isle of Wight and the British mainland, with their vehicle ferry travelling between Southampton and East Cowes. Red Funnel have ran this route for over 150 years, and really know what they are doing. Prices for one vehicle and six passengers starts from around £35 inclusive, while foot passengers can travel from as little as £7.80. The car ferry departs over 20 times a day in each direction, so is perfect for those wishing to buy tickets at the ferry terminal. Red Funnel also operate a high speed passenger ship to West Cowes, which can whisk you to the island in only 25 minutes. Passengers are offered on board refreshments from the Steam Coffee Company, and get to relax in comfortable seats.

Passengers can also travel on a Hovercraft for a quicker, smoother and more novel method of transport. Hover Travel offer journeys between beautiful Southsea in Portsmouth and Ryde on the island. This trip lasts for only 10 minutes, so perfect for commuters or those who need to get to their destination quickly. Prices for one-way travel between these ports starts from around £10.50, though budget deals may be available for those who book in advance.

Finally, Wight Link offer services direct from the centrally located Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde on board a speedy Catamaran. This journey costs from around £10.50 for foot passengers, and takes around 22 minutes. Wight Link also operate a traditional ferry between Lymington and Yarmouth for the cheaper price of £7.60.

So there are plenty of options available for those looking for cheap travel to the Isle of Wight. Remember to keep checking the prices for your Cheap Ferry to the Isle of Wight, as costs are liable to change.

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