Get a cheap ferry to France from Dover online today!

Getting stressed before a holiday is part and parcel of getting away from it all - with checking in at the airport, weighing your luggage to make sure you won't pay extra when you get there, or being in between two old ladies who spend the whole flight talking about their illnesses and ailments. But this doesn't have to be the case, swap the airplane for the ferry and you lose half the stress! A cheap ferry to France from Dover can be just what you need to ensure a relaxing and calm getaway, just how it is supposed to be.

With P&O ferries, a cheap ferry to France from Dover is exactly what you will get. If for example you are looking to get away from it all and miss the crowds, departing from Dover on Friday 16th September (just after the kids go back to school) is ideal. Departing at 6.40pm,  for two adults and including the car, you arrive into the port of Calais at 9.10pm. This almost last minute deal comes in at just £65 - including the return trip back to Dover on Monday 19th September, arriving just after 12pm. Not bad for a weekend trip away without any of the stress!

Take a look at P&O ferries online today at poferries.com to get yourself a cheap ferry to France from Dover, whether it is a last minute summer getaway or waiting to miss the crowds, you are sure to find something that suits all budgets.

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