Get a cheap ferry to France this Summer

If you are fed up of taking a holiday that starts off by rushing to the airport to check in, worrying about the weight of your luggage or keeping your fingers crossed you are not stuck in front of some screaming child - then a cheap ferry to France might be exactly what you are looking for. Not only can it be cheaper, it can bring your car along saving you money on hire cars or taxis.

If you are looking for a weekend away, and trying to avoid the crowds, getting away in September on a cheap ferry to France - just after the kids go back to school - could be the answer. For two adults and a car from Portsmouth to St Malo on 15th September until Monday 19th (including overnight accomodation in an inside two berth cabin including ensuite) costs just £347, that works out at just £86 per person each way.

If thats still a little out of your price range, perhaps leaving the car at home would be a better option as this will reduce the cost greatly. Take, for example, a weekly trip from Poole to Cherbourg, departing on the 15th September on a high speed cruiser at 10.30am with reclining seats reserved on board for two adults. Arriving back at 1pm into Poole on Thursday 22nd September, the price comes in at just £70 per person - not bad at £35 each way for a weeks holiday.

Take a look at brittany-ferries.co.uk for deals like this and plenty more, with a choice of departures and destinations for a cheap ferry to France.

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