Cheap ferry from England to France

Price Comparison Websites

One of the best ways of finding a cheap ferry from England to France is using price comparison websites such as Ferrysavers.com or Ferrypricesearch.co.uk.

Enter your travel criteria into these ferry price comparison engines to generate a list of dates, times and prices.

Consider your route to the ferry port, such as journey from London to Dover, and how long this will take to drive before you make any bookings, particularly on early ferries.

Make your booking using these websites, which allow you to make the best possible savings on the day.


Tracking Price Changes

To make a further saving, you should think about tracking the lowest possible price each day for at least a week to see how the price fluctuates.

It is a common misconception that ferry prices have a linear increase up until the date of your travel; you can take advantage of lower prices up to a few days in advance of travel, particularly in off-peak, non-holiday times.


Flexible Travel

Your ability to be flexible with your travel arrangements can also be key to obtaining ticket for a cheap ferry from England to France.

Be flexible with your dates and times of travel, for example — many ferry passengers can make savings by travelling very early in the morning or late at night.

Furthermore, think about whether you can get cheaper ferry fares by travelling between less popular ferry ports, such as from Portsmouth to Cherbourg or between Portsmouth and Caen.


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