Cheap Ferry Between England and France

Finding Cheap Ferry Prices

A cheap ferry fare from England to France can be found by comparing the prices of major ferry companies using special price comparison websites.

Visit online presences such as Ferry-to-France.co.uk and Ferrysavers.co.uk and enter your desired times and dates of travel to find the best possible prices.

The most popular and commonly travelled routes depart the UK in Dover and travel to the French port towns of Calais and Dunquerque.

Journey times between Dover and Calais last roughly an hour and a half, while the ferry passage from Dover to Dunquerque takes approximately two hours to complete.

Other Things to Consider

Passengers searching for a cheap ferry from England to France are able to make considerable further savings on the price they are able to find on price comparison websites.

Travellers should consider leaving their car at home, for example, and travelling to Dover or another port using public transport, as they will achieve a far lower ferry fare. Passengers would then need to travel on into France using French public transport.

Furthermore, passengers should be as flexible as possible when booking their cheap ferry travel from England to France, such as travelling less popular ferry routes, such as Southampton to St. Malo. Passengers can also travel from Portsmouth to Caen, in the south of France.

Finally, considerable savings can be made by passengers who are willing to travel during off-peak hours, including very late at night or very early in the morning, as these are less booked by other travellers.

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