Searching for cheap ferry crossings to Caen?

With tons of history and buildings dating back to the time of William the Conqueror, Caen is one of Normandy's prime tourist spots. Great for a city break, or just to pass through on your way elsewhere, Caen also benefits from ferry links to the UK. With crossing available from Portsmouth, this is a cheap and efficient way to travel in style without having to fly or shell out for expensive Eurostar tickets. Here's a look at cheap ferry crossings to Caen currently on the market.

Brittany Ferries offer a ferry service between Portsmouth and the French city of Caen. Passengers can travel on the fast craft ferry Normandie Express, which traverses the route at weekends. This journey takes only 3 and a half hours. Alternatively overnight trips can be had on a conventional car ferry, which takes 6 or 7 hours to reach Caen. While onboard guests can treat themselves to alcoholic beverages in the bars, enjoy a meal at the on ship restaurants, or just sit back and enjoy the view. The car ferries also benefit from onboard cinemas and discos, meaning guests can make a night of the journey.

In terms of pricing Brittany Ferries is very affordable. Return trips including an average sized car start from as little as £75 for trips in October and November, going up to £102 during the peak August season. However, foot passengers who are not taking a vehicle on board can travel from only £37 for a one way trip. Suites with beds and bathrooms cost extra, but are generally worth the expense for overnight voyages.

If you need to book cheap ferry crossings to Caen, please refer to Brittany Ferries official website. And keep an eye out for last minute deals, as discounts on the list price can be obtained.

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