Finding a Cheap Ferry to France

Many people are getting tired of flying, and it is hardly surprising considering the large queues, the oppressive security measures and the often unpredictable prices. If you want to spend a little more time on the continent, especially in France or Netherlands, a cheap ferry is a great way to go, whether you take your own car or use public transport.

There are literally dozens of routes and companies offering cheap ferries to France, making it convenient albeit spoiled for choice. The best places to start looking for the most reasonable deals is by using price comparison websites. Ferrysavers.co.uk lists just about every ferry route and given price at any time, allowing you to compare prices and find the best deals.

One of the most popular routes to get a cheap ferry is Dover to Calais and, with the most competition, you are also highly likely to grab a bargain. Prices can be as low as £50 for a return journey for two people including a car. P&O Ferries and NorfolkLine offer some of the cheapest routes including Dover to Calais or Dunkerque.

For maximum flexibility of your journey, some companies also offer open return tickets for a modest extra price. NorfolkLine at Norfolkline.com offers standard ticket prices of £19 one way, with various deals available including open return tickets, short breaks and longer ones. You can also find out more information on various other international ferry routes at this site, including connections originating in Scotland and Ireland.

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