How to find cheap ferries to France from England

Cheap4ferries.com is easily one of the best places to find cheap ferries to France from England. They work with all of the major ferry operators in the UK, meaning you can find many operators deals on their site, saving you valuable time. They also have special offers, which are listed on the front page, so their best deals are always easy to find and can save you a lot of money. Beyond that they allow you to search for specific crossings, and compare the prices of different operators, and best of all they have a best price promise, giving you total peace of mind.

Although cheap4ferries will usually turn up the best deals anyway, one consistently cheap operator is Norfolkline. They provide ferries to and from several different countries, however they only currently offer one route between England and France, specifically Dover to Dunkirk and vice versa, as such they may not be that convenient depending on where you're travelling from or two. What they can do though is undercut most other ferry operators, with trips to France from as low as £19 each way for four people and a car, including all surcharges and taxes. You can find them online at norfolkline.com, which allows you to search all of their crossings and book directly from the website.

Between these two sites you should have no problem finding cheap ferry crossings, leaving you with more money to spend on a hotel and on the important things when you get there.

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