How to book cheap ferries from Dover to France

Cheap ferries from Dover to France

Situated just a short hop across the English Channel, France is a superb destination for summer vacations, weekend getaways and even day trips. Furthermore, with increasing competition there are some real bargains to be found when searching for cheap ferries from Dover to France.

As with organising any form of travel these days, the best deals are often found online. When booking tickets online you cut out the hidden expense of a travel agent and expose yourself to regular sales and huge discounts on rates.

Arguably the most popular company operating cheap ferries from Dover to France is P&O Ferries. P&O run 46 daily services on the 90-minute crossing between Dover and Calais. Book online and travel off-peak for only £25, including car and up to 9 passengers. For more information, visit www.poferries.com.

Another company operating between Dover and Calais is Seafrance.com. If you are prepared to travel during unsociable hours then some great web fares are currently available. Travel between 8pm and 6.30am for as little as £23 each way.

For other cheap ferries from Dover to France check out what DFDS Seaways has to offer. The company has recently acquired the Dover to Dunkirk service previously operated by Norfolkline Ferries. Travel to the historic town of Dunkirk for as little as £19 each way. This fare includes all car charges and travel for 4 passengers. More information on fares is available at www.norfolkline.com.

All of these fares are just a few clicks away, so jump online and grab yourself a bargain.

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