Cheap ferries to france

Where do cheap ferries sail to in France?

A variety of operators provide cheap ferries to France, making this an ideal way to begin your continental holiday. DFDS seaways offer regular trips from Dover to Dunkirk – a destination that boasts better road links than Calais.

If you would prefer to sail to Calais, the closest point to England (a mere 34km shore to shore), then you could book with Seafrance.

LD lines offer the longer crossing of Portsmouth to Le Havre, with 14 crossings per week.

How comfortable are the cheaper ferries to France?

The journey to and from Dunkirk or Calais can take approximately 2 hours. All the ferry operators offer excellent on-board amenities. DFDS seaways have garnered awards for the service available in their modern fleet. Shopping is provided, as well as a choice of cuisine, ranging from Food Express for quick snacks, to family-friendly self-service restaurants.

Where can I book cheap ferries to France?

DFDS seaways (www.norfolkline.com) offer crossings between Dover and Dunkirk at low ferry rates. The cross-channel trip is available from £19 each way for a group of 4, plus car.

Special offers can be consulted on their website, with 2-day returns available for £29, and 5-day returns for £45.

Seafrance (www.seafrance.com) connect Dover with Calais, with £30 each way crossings. They also offer a midweek jaunt from £35 return.The crossing from Portsmouth to Le Havre on LD lines is available from £110.

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