Finding cheap Eurostar tickets

If you're travelling to France, Germany, Belgium, Holland or Switzerland, then the Eurostar is often even more convenient than flying, and there are several ways to get cheap Eurostar tickets.

One way is simply to book early, as Eurostar themselves tend to offer tickets cheaper the earlier you book, and recommend booking up to four months in advance where possible. They also offer cheaper tickets when returning on a Monday, as the trains are inevitably full on Sunday as people scramble to get home in time to be at work on Monday morning. It's also often cheaper when travelling on the first or last trains of the day, as these are less convenient hours and are therefore often not fully booked.

For similar reason discounts can also be found when travelling out in mid-afternoon, as most people will leave in the morning or evening. One final tip for getting cheap tickets is to book non-flexible ones. They have absolutely no flexibility as to which Eurostar train you board, so you'd need to be certain that you can make the train that you book, but they're also substantially cheaper than the flexible tickets. You can explore their rates in full and book a ticket from eurostar.com.

Another way to find cheap Eurostar tickets is to take a look at cheapeurostartickets.com. You can't book directly from there, but what the site does is highlight all the latest offers available on the Eurostar, as well as allowing you to input your travel dates and destination and then showing a rundown of all the best deals available to you. You still have to book from eurostar.com, but it makes finding a good deal that much easier.

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