Get cheap Euro Disney holidays by checking out these hotels

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Imagine joining Mickey and friends in a once-in-a-lifetime chance for your kid's to relive some of their favourite Disney moments and stories, with some of the most recent and timeless Disney Characters. Imagine being able to laugh, dance and skip-a-di-doo-da along with the likes of Baloo, Cinderella, Timon, Woody and Pinocchio.

This once in a lifetime chance could be yours and to make things better you can get cheap Euro Disney holidays by checking out these hotels.

Probably the dearest part of a holiday is accommodation so we have done a bit of research and recommend that you check out the Euro Disney Hotels on lastminute.com and from our research they seem to be the cheapest.

You can get a nightly rate in the beautiful Dream Castle Hotel for £157. This price is for two adults and two children in August. If you want to book this hotel just log on their website and just follow the steps and you can be booked in a few minutes.

If you are planning on going in September you should check out the residence du parc hotel. For a two night stay you and another adult accompanied by one child can stay for £186. This hotel is three star and is only a short stroll to all the fun and games at Euro Disney.

If you are finding it difficult to book on line or you want to check other dates you can contact a member of their team on 0871 222 5969.

We hope you have found this blog beneficial and it helps you get the cheap Euro Disney holidays that you are after. Have fun!



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