Check out the cheap Egypt holidays in October including baggage

Why not visit Egypt this October? It is the land which gave birth to A great civilisation. You may be surprised, but Egypt's pyramids are only an introduction to what the land has to offer. Many amazing sites include those built by the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians and Arab dynasties. Why not explore some of Egypt's breathtaking cities, including Cairo and Aswan. These offer plenty of historical exploration in their vast amount of burial chambers and temples which were once home to the ancient gods and pharaohs.

If you are more of a sailing person then why not take a trip up the Nile in a felluca, an ancient Egyptian sailing boat? Perhaps the Red Sea would interest you with its deep, crystal waters which lie brilliantly, awash in coral, surrounded by an aquatic frenzy of underwater life.

You could also take a trip out to the west of Egypt where its infinite ocean of sand stretches through the Sahara Desert. In the deserts visitors can climb the mount where God had words with Moses, and after spend the remaining days in halcyon bliss at coastal Dahab’s backpacker Shangri-La.

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Thomas Cook is also offering packages to Egypt. These are in the range of £500, for more information on packaged holidays to Egypt this October, check out www.thomascook.com.

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