Cheap Dublin Holidays

If there’s one thing Dublin is famous for, it’s the city’s carefree attitude. Here, fun seemingly originates from almost anything—live rock performances, festivals, and of course, the much-loved pubs. Parties escalate even more with the city’s inexpensive restaurants, attractions, and nightlife!

Dublin Dining

  • Wagamama. Anyone who loves noodles will love this restaurant with reasonable prices. But noodles aren’t its only treats; there are also Japanese dishes such as ebi raisukaree: stir-fried prawns in a coconut and lime curry sauce with various spices, served on Japanese-style rice, and garnished with sliced red chillies and a wedge of lime. Side dishes such as duck gyoza (deep-fried duck and leek dumplings with spicy cherry hoi sin sauce) are popular, too. A kid’s menu is also available.
  • Trastevere. This affordable restaurant is the centre of everyone’s attention in Temple Bar Square, Dublin’s hub of restaurants and entertainment. Enjoy Irish beef, lamb, pasta and pizza, and risottos in the large outside terrace, which offers magnificent views of the area’s bustling nightlife.

Dublin Sightseeing

  • Howth Harbor. A trip to this off-the-beaten track and free attraction is worth all the effort. It’s not only an ideal getaway from Dublin’s busy city centre; it also offers refreshing cliff walks, incredible views, and even seal sightings. Ireland’s Eye, a nearby small island, is easily accessible from the harbour, too.
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This popular tourist attraction is more than just a place of worship; it’s also a heritage site. From the outside, the cathedral resembles a medieval castle, located beside a charming garden. But its interior is even grander and more beautiful: octangular pillars and arches, archbishop’s throne made out of richly carved oak, and monumental sculptures adorn the cathedral, adding to its classic, elegant appeal.

Dublin Partying

  • Davy Byrnes Pub. The party starts at lunchtime in this popular pub with its delicious oysters at reasonable prices. Stay until dawn, though, and gobble up as many drinks as you can handle: from white wines (Covent Des Jacobins) to red wines (Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve), and champagnes.
  • Slattery’s Bar. Good food, good music, and loads of beer entertain travellers in this traditional Irish pub. Young and trendy clubbers flock here for its cheap beers and fast and efficient service.

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