Top cheap Dublin breaks

If you are going to take a break, Dublin is a fantastic city to visit. Dublin is easily accessible from the UK. From mainland Britain, a ferry or plane is inexpensive. From Northern Ireland, a few hours on a bus or train will get you to Dublin.

Dublin is a city that prides itself on its history and this is easily noticed as soon as you arrive. It has a lot to keep you entertained - from museums, restaurants and cafes, to bustling shopping streets, beautiful scenery and many festivals and events running all year round.

Here is a few ideas of things to do while you are in Dublin:

1. Go to the Guinness Storehouse. Learn a bit about one of the world’s most famous beers. Enjoy a pint in the gravity bar with a 360 degree window, offering views of Dublin.

2. Dublin Zoo is well worth a visit. Situated in Phoenix Park, it is one of the oldest zoos in the world and you could spend all day in there!

3. If you enjoy Irish literature, the Dublin literary pub crawl is well worth doing. If you like Yeats, Beckett, Joyce and Behan you will learn a bit about them while visiting some pubs along the way. Even if you have never heard of any of them you will still have a great time!

4. Trinity College had many famous students, including Oliver Goldsmith and Samuel Beckett. Visit the old library there and see the Book of Kells.

5. Take a walk along Grafton Street which is full of shops and pubs and places to eat. It's usually packed with buskers and street performers.

Cheap Dublin breaks are a great option for a weekend away, especially if you are interested in Irish history and literature. Even if you are not, there is enough to keep you amused.


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