How to Plan Cheap Dog Friendly Caravan Weekend Breaks

The first step in planning cheap dog friendly caravan weekend breaks is deciding where the dog will sleep. Those who have large dogs or dogs that live in outdoor areas may have trouble finding the right caravan or location. Dogs like children need a lot of space and a caravan can quickly become cramped quarters for a family and an active dog. Also it is not advisable to let the dog sleep outdoors. This is because many caravan parks that allow dogs often have animals roaming around. This can lead to dog fights and a number of other issues.

Once where the dog will sleep has been decided holidaymakers will need to rent accommodation. There are a number of websites that list dog friendly hotels, motels and caravans. Some of these include petholidayfinder.co.uk, dogfriendlybritain.co.uk and www.dogpeople.co.uk. The accomodation listed on this site goes from as little as £50 a night to hundreds of pounds per night. The pricing will be largely dependent on the size and style of the caravan and how many people will be using the accommodation.

When holidaymakers have chosen a caravan they will need to think about where to park it. Those who have rented a static caravan will not have this problem. People who are using a towed caravan or a recreational vehicle will need to find a caravan park. This can be done on the website ukparks.com. Vactioners will find that most camping grounds do not charge over £20 per night per person or van. The parks that have facilities such as electricty supply will be more expensive than more basic parks. There is the best information about cheap dog friendly caravan weekend breaks.

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