Treat yourself and your family to cheap deals to Jersey by sea

Despite the fact that many people consider the summer holidays to be a great excuse to travel to exotic new locations, sampling the traditions of new cultures and soaking up the continental sun, we tend to forget that there are some beautiful travel destinations available to us right on our doorstep.

You might not get the same level of sunshine, in fact you might end up getting rained on for most of your stay, but there is a lot to be said for a short break to stunning Jersey in order to recharge your batteries and do something different this summer.

At channelislandsdirect.co.uk you'll find a whole host of great package deals to Jersey to fit any budget or taste, including a number a cheap deals to Jersey by sea - ideal for those of us who aren't particularly partial to the idea of flying anywhere.

There are great offers available to right now for the four star Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel for those seeking a little sophistication from their break. With prices for June starting as low as £203 for two nights, up to £467 for a total of nine nights (both seven and eight night stays cost the same amount, however if you choose to stay for the eighth you'll be rewarded with an additional night's accommodation free of charge). These prices include ferry crossing from either Weymouth or Poole with Condor Ferries as a foot passenger.

If you're on a tighter budget, the Miramar hotel is a fine two star resort overlooking the breathtaking St. Brealade's Bay and offers five night stays throughout the month of June for just £192 per person. Again, your ferry crossing from either Poole or Weymouth as a foot passenger is included within this price.

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