Enjoy Cheap Crete Holidays in 2014

Crete is an absolute stellar holiday destination where you can enjoy the finer things in life. The 5th largest island in the Mediterranean has some incredible beaches, mountains, ancient architecture and a buzzing nightlife. Lets get you there with some tips on where to go for cheap Crete holidays in 2014.

Travel for Less

We are going to introduce you to a couple of great resources that will not only help you find cheap Crete holidays in 2014 but they will change the way you travel forever.

The first site that should be top of your list is Travel Supermarket. This site gathers deals from loads of travel sites and presents them in a straightforward comaprison to help you make decisions easier. You can find deals at the moment from London to Crete for 7 nights with flights and accomodation starting at £180 per person sharing. Check out www.travelsupermarket.com to see current deals for Crete.

The second site we recommend is Low Cost Holidays who have some great deals just waiting to be snapped up. You can get to Crete any month in 2014 for a song. The website is very user friendly and you can do a direct search for Crete trips using your dates. Currently you can book a 7 night trip to Crete from London £425 all in. This package includes accomodation at a 4 star hotel and return flights with EasyJet for 2 people.

Alternatively find Crete package holidays listed under the Special Offers section at Low Cost Holidays. This section always has plenty of deals so keep tabs on it to stay on top of any Crete deals that appear. Visit www.lowcostholidays.com and search for deals to Crete from the UK in 2014.

Stay Flexible and Travel Cheap

The main ingredient for securing cheap Crete holidays during 2014 is to be flexible in your travel dates. It is vital that you change dates when you carry out your search at Travel Supermarket and Low Cost Holidays as packages starting on a Monday could be much cheaper than those starting on a Saturday.

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