Finding cheap cottages in France to rent or buy

Cheap cottages in France

If you just want to rent a cottage for a short break then cottages4you.co.uk is a good place to start. They have cottages in the UK, France and Ireland and feature a 'holiday bargains' section where you can find cottages at a discount of up to 50%. Each property is given a detailed list of facilities and proximity to towns and attractions, and customers are able to leave comments on them so you can be sure that each cottage is as good as it sounds.

Easycottages.com is another site offering cheap cottages in France, and with a similar layout and prices to cottages4you. It doesn't allow for customer reviews, but otherwise it's just as good a place to find bargain cottages.

If you've fallen in love with France and would rather buy a cottage over there then there's no better place to start looking for your dream home than francehousehunt.com. The site allows you to filter properties by price, location, number of bedrooms and several other variables, and lists cottages handled by numerous different estate agents, allowing you to hunt for a cottage all from one place rather than having to visit each estate agents own site. If you find a property that you're interested in then the site will allow you to fill out a form that will be sent directly to the seller, as well as providing their website address and phone number.

These sites should get you started on your journey, whether your French adventure is one that will last just a few days or a lifetime.

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