cheap coach trips in uk 2011

Planning on spending your summer holidays in the UK this year? Why not try looking into cheap coach trips in UK? Great Britain is a brilliant destination for a holiday, people from all over the world travel here each year for their trip so why do we feel the need to go abroad for our holiday? Enjoy the natural beauty of the coast and countryside, the heritage, the history and the incredible cities.

Leisuretime.co.uk have some of the best offers for cheap coach trips in UK and here are a couple of them. The first is the 'Constable Country' coach tour. The countryside of Suffolk, immortalized by the painter John Constable, has in many ways, remained unchanged since his day, scattered with churches, windmills and medieval barns, it is perfect for nature lovers and boat enthusiasts. On day one you will check in at the wonderful Marlbrough Hotel for lunch and dinner, the next day will be spend at your leisure but will include day excursions to Constable country, Bury St Edmunds and the Suffolk Coast before leaving the next day. This five day trip will cost just £179 per person.

The London Weekends tour is available for two or three days from leisuretime.co.uk. This trip is a shoppers dream with over 30,000 shops to choose from or if you are a theatre buff take in a show at the West End. The Hotel where you will be staying is the four-star Central London Hotel. The coach will drop in London where you will have three days to peruse the city before being dropped home, all for just £129 per person.

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