Looking for cheap coach trips abroad?

A coach trip can be a great way of travelling on holiday. With a coach trip you can guarantee that you will not miss one famous sight from whichever city you are in and there aren't many other trips that allow you to see several different cities in the space of four or five days. Most coach trips do allow you to have a few days to spend at your own discretion so don 't be afraid from that point. Today we will be looking at some of the best cheap coach trips abroad.

Globalcoachtours.com do a wide range of coach tours so you will have no problem finding one that suits your needs, here are just a couple of the cheap coach trips abroad that we have picked out starting with 'Glimpse of Europe' tour. In just seven days you will see the best of Europe starting by travelling down from London to Amsterdam through Belgium where you will visit some of the battle locations from WWII. You will leave Amsterdam to go to the Rhine Valley in Germany before heading towards Lucerne and then onto Paris where you will have some leisure time before travelling home. This all costs £835 per person.

For a coach trip further afield try the 'Great Eastern Cities' tour of America. Starting of with sightseeing in New York, you will then travel up to the Niagra Falls, before heading towards Gettysburg and the Amish Country. Next it is on to Washington and a trip to Capitol Hill before returning to New York to fly home. This deal, also from globalcoachtours.com costs £749 per person.

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