Great Cheap Coach Holidays To Spain

Spending the holidays in Spain is a great idea. This country is known for having a beautiful coastline ideal for holiday travellers. Besides, you can visit important cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. If you choose the latter as your vacation destination you should check these following cheap coach holidays to Spain deals. You will save some money, which you could later spend in Spain, and yet be assured of fast and secure travel.

Lloret de Mar – Hotel Garbi Park

Lloret de Mar is one of the most visited bays on the European Mediterranean, and one of the best cheap coach holidays to Spain deals. It has great beaches and a variety of hotels catering for different needs. Lloret de Mar is located in Catalonia, in the northeast of Spain. The travel agency and tour operator Shearings offers a seven-night stay at the Hotel Garbi Park, where you’ll be able to relax by the pool, practice water sports, or enjoy a few drinks in one of their restaurants or bars. As of June 2011, the price for this deal is £494 per person. Departure is set for Tuesdays from the East Midlands, North East, Yorkshire, and various locations across the South of England.

Malgrat de Mar

Malgrat de Mar is a small coastal town located on the shores of the province of Barcelona. If you are planning on spending a quiet, relaxed holiday, this is the choice for you. This is a traditional Spanish town with some restaurants and a few bars, where life moves at a more leisurely pace. You will also be very close to Barcelona, so you can experience both the tranquillity of Malgrat de Mar with the intensity of a big city. You can book a Shearings coach holiday to Malgrat de Mar with a seven-night stay from just £379 per person (current as of June 2011). This tour departs every Tuesday.

Grand Tour of Spain

This Grand Tour of Spain is a more expensive option than Malgrat de Mar and Lloret de Mar, but it is totally worth it, since you will get to know the most important cities and attractions of the entire country. You will be travelling across 14 cities (Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, and Cordoba, among others) in a Shearings coach for 16 days. You can get this holiday package from £839 per person (current as of June 2011). This deal is only available for two or more people travelling together.

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