Find Cheap Cars For Hire Online For Your Holiday

When you are planning your next holiday adventure, you might want to think about hiring a car to get you around. This is especially important if you are traveling to a place that does not offer transportation services for guests, or when there is not sufficient public transportation available. Sometimes, if you hire a car at the same time as you book your accommodations and flight, you will receive a discount or a package deal. To save you time in searching for the best prices, take a look at these two websites to find cheap cars for hire.

Economy Car Rental

The price for all cars hired through Economy Car Rentals include car insurance, taxes, airport fees, out of hours fees, one way or delivery fees, and damage excess refund. This makes their already low prices even less expensive. The Economy Car Rentals website is secured by GeoTrust, so you can feel safe booking your car online.

For more information about Economy Car Rentals:

  • Website: www.economycarrentals.com
  • Telephone: (020) 32875127
  • Email: info@economycarrentals.com

Sample Pricing Information:

  • Hire a car in Barcelona for GBP 12 a day.
  • Hire a car in Amsterdam for GBP 16 a day.
  • Hire a car in Rome for GBP 17 a day.


Carrentals.co.uk won best car hire site in 2008, but it is a little bit different than the above website. This is a comparison site in which you can enter the airport that you’d like to pick up your car and how many days you need the car, then the site will search for all the possibilities for you. Next, you will be provided with a list of available cars from over 50 different companies, all on one page, so you can compare prices and types of cars. Simply click on the cars that appeal to you for more information or to book the car directly with the car hire company. This makes it very easy to find cheap cars to hire during your next holiday.

For more information about Carrentals.co.uk:

  • Website: www.carrentals.co.uk
  • Telephone: 0871 434 1300
  • Email: admin@carrentals.co.uk

Sample Pricing Information:

  • Hire a compact car in Barcelona for £113 for 8 days from 121carhire.com.
  • Hire a compact car in Amsterdam for £189.16 for 8 days from 121carhire.com.
  • Hire a compact car in Rome for £200.37 for 8 days from auto-europe.co.uk.

Before you set out to hire a car for your next holiday, you should decide the type of car you’d like to hire, for example: a mini car, economy, compact, intermediate, standard, convertible, or a luxury car. Then decide the dates you’ll need the car and where you’d like to pick up and drop the car off. Then simply enter your details to find cheap cars online.

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