A View on Cheap Caravans to Rent In Wales

Cheap caravans to rent in Wales

There are plenty of cheap caravans to rent in Wales that offer cost-effective solutions for those taking a longer holiday. Nowadays, caravan living does not necessarily mean cramped quarters, leaking roofs and outdoor toilets. There are many ‘static’ caravans to rent in parks around Wales and often because of their versatility; they can be found in the most beautiful locations.

Caravans are Cool

There are hundreds of caravan parks in Wales and nearly all of them will have ‘static’ caravans for you to rent. These are spacious and comfortable, and often have fully-equipped bathrooms and kitchens. Some even have central heating. The larger sizes may have three bedrooms and can sleep up to six people or more.

Active Adventurers

Wales is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. Walkers and cyclists should look for a place in the West region of North Wales, where you’ll find the dramatic peaks of Snowdonia. If you’re more of a beach bum, then head for the Llyn Peninsula. Here you’ll discover the best Welsh beaches for surfing and sailing. The gonorthwales.co.uk website has a wealth of information of the best trails and spots.

Family Fun

Families often make a beeline for South Wales, where there are plenty of theme parks and attractions to keep the kids busy. There’s always something going on in South Wales; with festivals, concerts and exhibitions taking place every week, you’ll never be bored. For the latest up-to-date news and more information about family holidays in Wales visit the thisissouthwalkes.co.uk website.

The best times to visit Wales is during the summer months of May – September, and with prices starting from as low as £140 for seven nights you can stay as long as you like. Economize on your accommodation with one of the cheap caravans to rent in Wales, and maximize on enjoyment.

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