The Top Cheap Caravans to Hire

Besides saving money, finding cheap caravans to hire will help you find a holiday that is more peaceful and quiet than previous holidays.

Caravan Parks

Some of the top caravans for hire are Butlins, Parkdean Holidays, and Haven. They each have various regions you can visit such as Lancashire, Somerset, Cheshire, and Cornwall, and Wales. The regions for caravan holidays are primarily in the North. Parkdean offers parks in the wooded areas, the country, or by the sea.

Caravan Park Amenities

The larger caravan parks offer essentially the same amenities for your rented caravan. However, visiting their websites will confirm their exact amenities. This is a list of the standard amenities offered by most of the parks:

  • Stay from one day to two weeks
  • Standard to platinum rates and amenities
  • Electricity available
  • Flat screen television in the club room
  • Towels and bed linens
  • Shower facilities
  • Early reservation price deduction

How to Rent Cheap Caravans

It is often recommended that you rent caravans that are being offered by their owners, instead of a company that rents out many. Look for park deals right before your stay as they normally give discounts in an attempt to fill spaces. You can also get good deals when you book far ahead of time. Cheap caravans can be booked at directholidayhomes.co.uk or rentaholidaycaravan.com. The Direct Holiday Homes website lets your browse top caravans in every part of the United Kingdom and the rest of the continent. Check their late deal section. The Rent a Holiday Caravan website is a little different, as it has you rent directly from the person who owns the caravan. It is okay to haggle with the owners for the price of their caravan. Both of these websites will help you find cheap caravans to hire for your next holiday getaway.

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