Cheap caravans in Newquay and West Wales

Introducing cheap caravans in Newquay, West Wales

If you’re looking for an affordable caravan holiday, cheap caravans in Newquay, West Wales are perfect. The actual location is amongst the most picturesque of British caravan resorts.

New Quay (known to the Welsh as ‘Cei Newydd’) is a charming, bustling town clinging to hills towering over Cardigan Bay. It consists of narrow streets that rise in a series of steep terraces. Several of these once contained ‘ropewalks’, lines of twisting rope, during New Quay’s heyday as a shipbuilding centre.

That industry might have waned but New Quay remains an ideal location for weekend getaways or longer stays. A caravan makes the ideal base for a series of activities.

What to do while caravanning in West Wales

New Quay contains a sheltered harbour and breathtaking beach landscapes. Poppit Sands, at the River Teifi’s estuary near Cardigan, is a popular surfing spot. The sloping beach means the sea remains shallow for some distance, making it perfect for bathing. The beach is well patrolled.

When you’re enjoying cheap caravans in Newquay, West Wales will leave you spoilt for choice for activities. There are opportunities for fishing, walking, cycling or golf. The more adventurous can try watersports or horse riding. There are plenty restaurants and markets.

Locating cheap caravans

West Wales Caravans (www.westwales-caravans.co.uk) give a variety of options. Prices at Tawny Hollow Park, in a beautiful setting with panoramic views of Cardigan Bay, start at £250 per week.

If you want to spread your wings a bit, check out cheap South Wales caravans.

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