The best cheap caravans in Cleethorpes

Cheap caravans in Cleethorpes are a dime a dozen. A decent one at a low cost can be a little harder to find though. We've done a little searching online, let's see what's on offer.

We found that hands down, Thorpe Park your best bet for a great holiday in Cleethorpes. Thorpe Park is a fantastic holiday park that offers something for people of all ages. They have a huge range of caravans on offer, they are truly top notch holiday homes with everything you could need on-board.

The come with fully equipped modern fitted kitchen, fridge, shower, pillows and duvets. You will even get free gas, electricity and hot water when you stay a Thorpe Park. Outside there is a decked area where you can enjoy your meals in the sunshine. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, all the caravans are heated, they have microwave ovens, flat screen televisions, basically anything you need.

The park has lots of great activities for you and the kids. From water parks to football, archery to dune buggies, Thorpe Park have thought of it all. Of course there are bars and restaurants for the adults to enjoy in the evening, they really have though of everything.

We checked out their website (http://www.haven.com) and searched for a holiday in August. We managed to find a 4 day holiday in an 'Exclusive' caravan, a family of 4 at £323 total! That is a truly incredible price on this type of holiday, especially considering the facilities on offer.

When it comes to cheap caravans in Cleethorpes, Thorpe Park have got it all sewn up.


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