Are you looking for cheap caravans in Blackpool?

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Are you looking for cheap caravans in Blackpool? Here is all the information that you need to know.

If you are going on holidays to Blackpool with your family, renting a caravan is an ideal option that can save you loads of money on accommodation costs. There are plenty of options for renting cheap caravans in and around Blackpool. Here are two of the cheapest companies offering caravans in Blackpool.

Caravanhols.com are a private quality caravan hire company operating in Marton Mere Holiday Village, Blackpool. They are a small family-run business with several Luxury Caravans on a premier Haven site. They are not an agency so they can offer great holidays at best prices. Hailed as one of Blackpool’s best kept secrets, Marton Mere Caravan Park in Blackpool is a green and tranquil oasis, just 3 miles from the famous Tower and Pleasure Beach. With its very own Nature Reserve and Park Ranger Station, plus all the family activities you can think of. In the evening the action turns up even more with a programme of vibrant family entertainment. Prices begin from only £58 per person per week. For more information or for booking check out caravanhols.com.

Alternatively, another great option is Newton Hall Caravan Park. Newton Hall Holiday Park is a 4 Star family owned and operated holiday park with a convenient location, approximately 2 miles from Blackpool. Their beautifully landscaped parklands offer the perfect home-from-home retreat. They have a range of well-equipped modern holiday homes available for hire. Facilities include a bowling alley, a swimming pool, a fishing lake and many, many more. Prices begin from just £60 per person per week. Check out partingtons.com/newtonhall for booking or for more information.

So there is everything that you need to know about cheap caravans in Blackpool.

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