Cheap Caravan Weekends for Cool Comfort

Cheap caravan weekends are enjoying a revival. Gone is the stigma attached to shacking up in a caravan, along with the association of pitifully amateur evening entertainment and tinned food, cooked on a camping stove.

What to Expect

Caravan sites around the UK have been revamped to include excellent site facilities and entertainment. Often you’ll find heated pools, trendy restaurants and cafes, as well as professionally produce variety shows, and cabaret. Kids enjoy a variety of clubs, for different ages, which will keep them off your hands and give Mum and Dad time to relax.


Caravan holidays no longer mean cramped. With some static caravans measuring as long as 45 ft. and having as many as three bedrooms, you can stretch out and breathe. Fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms are the norm, with some sites offering excellent barbecue facilities too. Caravans offer hotel comfort without demanding hotel prices. Better still, if your idea of the perfect home from home is getting away from it all and away from everyone, a caravan in a rural site is the perfect answer.


Popular with families, Upwood Holiday Park and Breydon Water Holiday Park are sought after spots for a caravan weekend. For couples or groups of young adults, you may prefer one of the independent sites around the country so that you can take full advantage of the beautiful British countryside whilst hiking, cycling and sailing.

At a time when money is scarce, and everyone’s looking for a cost-effective escape, cheap caravan weekends have truly made a comeback.

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