Get out of the City with Cheap Caravan Holidays in Wales

With a variety of caravan sites to choose from it is likely that you may find cheap caravan holidays in Wales. Caravanning can be a far more cost effective way of taking a family holiday than booking everyone into hotel rooms. Your hotel room goes with you on the road.

If you don’t intend to make caravanning a common method of holidaying and want to avoid buying one you can rent one or stay in a static caravan. If you do own one then give the beautiful scenery of Wales a try.

If you go to www.ukcaravans4hire.com to look for cheap caravan holidays in Wales you can find a massive list of camp sites across Wales. Most of the caravans for hire are static but offer a great range of amenities including shower, toilet, television, fridge and central heating. There are also usually a range of extra facilities within the campsites as well. Some of the sites even have swimming pools and tennis courts so keeping the kids entertained shouldn’t be a problem. Outside of the camp sites there are many activities depending on where in Wales you go. You can choose from fishing, beach, hiking, leisure holidays or even a combination of all of these.

Timing your holiday can make a huge difference to the price range. Some campsites cost as much as £700 for a week during peak season but can cost as little as £150 for a week off peak. These prices do include lodging for more than one person though.

There are quite a few restrictions for cheap caravan holidays in Wales though. Most sites won’t accept pets or same sex groups. This does not mean they don’t allow same sex couples but rather just groups of friends including stag or hen parties. This should ensure that most holidays are more family-friendly.

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