Finding Cheap Caravan Holidays in UK

Caravan holidays are somewhat of a British tradition. The date since before the time of cheap flights, when the vast majority of people simply couldn't afford to go abroad on a regular basis. Although things have definitely changed enormously in that respect, cheap caravan holidays in UK remain popular among many people.

Today's caravans, often simply referred to as holiday homes, have all of the modern extras and luxuries that people have come to expect. If you have your own caravan, while it might not provide much in the way of accommodation compared to a rented stationary one, you will be able to enjoy a great deal of freedom.

Some of the best places to start looking for caravan holiday deals is hoseasons.co.uk, haven.com or park-resorts.com. All of these companies and many others specialize in renting out caravans or providing a place to keep your own for a modest fee.

Haven, perhaps one of the country's best-known holiday park companies, has dozens of holiday parks all over the UK. If you are looking for cheap caravan holidays in UK, their site is worth looking at. Prices start from around £700 per week for a caravan which sleeps up to six people. If you are going with a decent-sized group, the cost is actually fairly modest. Also keep in mind that all of these caravans come equipped with proper kitchens, showers and two cabins.

Caravan parks often make ideal beach holidays as well. If you want a beach holiday in the UK, a caravan park in one of East Anglia's resort towns such as Great Yarmouth is worth a look.

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