Exciting Cheap Caravan Holidays in Brean

Brean is a common choice among holiday travellers since it is ideal to take relaxing and quiet vacations. This popular spot is located in Somerset, on the coast of south England. It has enormous country areas as well as a beautiful bay. There are various tour operators and travel agencies that offer cheap caravan holidays in Brean. Here are some of the most recommendable ones.

Holiday Resort Unity

The Holiday Resort Unity is a small park for caravans in Brean. All caravans feature two bedrooms, lounge area, living room, kitchen, as well as a deck. They are fully equipped with TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, among other features. amenities within the resort include a pool complex, excursions, golf areas, and a fishing lake. The cheapest price for a caravan in this park is £100. This price could go up to £540 depending on the availability and type of caravan.

Sandy Glade Holiday Park

There’s one caravan available in Sandy Glade Holiday Park for a base price of £210. The caravan features a double bedroom, one living room and a kitchen area. Owners offer a fully equiped stay, which includes: TV, DVD player, sofa-bed, and kitchen utensils. This park has a special area for children, shops, a café, and laundry facilities. It is also 10 minutes walk from Brean Leisure Park where you’ll find other attractions such as pubs and clubs.

Ocean Lodge Holiday Park

The Ocean Lodge Holiday Park is located at a 5 minutes walk away from Brean Leisure Center. It offers private access to the golden sands, so if you’re planning on spending an intimate quiet holiday, this could be a good choice. Various activities are offered, such as horseback riding, golf, fishing, and sailing. You can find cheap caravans for 4 people ranging from £320 to £340; 6 people caravans from £380 to £400; and caravans for 8 people from £480 to £490. All prices are only for the two first weeks of July. All caravans come fully equipped for your comfort.

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