Finding a Cheap Caravan Holiday in the UK

Rather than going abroad and spending money on expensive flights half way across Europe, a cheap caravan holiday is an alternative worth thinking about. Since the weather in the UK is often unpredictable at best, it's a good idea to make the most out of the sun when you can, and going on a cheap caravan holiday by the beach can be a very pleasant experience.

If you have your own caravan, you can enjoy all of the facilities of a holiday or caravan park while still having the freedom and flexibility of being able to move around as much as you please. On the other hand, if you want to spend a holiday with family or a group of four or more people, renting a caravan can be quite cost-effective.

Haven, one of the UK's leading holiday park companies, offers accommodation in 6-8 bed caravans from £449 per week for special offers in the summer months. The prices change regularly, however, and last minute deals are often available to various places. You can find out more at haven.com.

Park-resorts.com also have a wide selection of cheap caravan holiday options with cheap week-long breaks for the school holidays starting at under £300.

Most static caravans can comfortably accommodate four people in two cabins and an extra two in extra bunks. Some of the larger ones can even accommodate eight people, making it a very economical holiday when there's a big group of you to share the cost. Modern static caravans have all of the modern comforts and extras that you would expect from any other type of holiday accommodation.

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