Looking for a cheap Car Park at Dublin Airport this Summer?

When you are jetting off on holiday or for a weekend getaway, the last thing you want is to be driving round Dublin Airport trying to find a cheap car park with either a space or one that is actually going to be as cheap as it says it is - without being closer to home than the airport.

The best advice is to search online and book before you go, usually saving you money and definitely saving you time and stress at the last minute. The top two cheapest suprisingly aren't perhaps the most popular or the most well-known, but still cheaper than the bigger competitors and just as close and secure. Take for example Airside Aiport Parking, for less then €5 per day, they have 250 spaces underground, in a secure, CCTV and 24 hour on call staff car park. So if you are getting away for a week, you can ensure a safe space for only €33.50 for the week, with only a seven minute trip to the airport by shuttle, which runs every ten mins (Except during 12.30am - 3am) for only €1 per person.

Or if you are coming down the M50 or the M1, a more convenient place to park is the Express Park And Fly - which does exactly what it says. For only €4 per day it is slightly cheaper than above and only 3 minutes away from the airport. The only downfall for this cheap car park at Dublin Airport is the fact that it is not twenty four hours - so it won't suit those flying out between 1am and 4am. The shuttle bus does depart to the airport every half hour between the hours of 4am and 1am, again for the same price as above, one euro per person (children under 16 ride free)

So jump online today and save yourself one less hassle, check out parksmart.ie for more details.

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